Traitor is one of the most promising thrash metal bands in Germany! They have released 2 albums in the last 4 years and… but let them tell us of who they are!

Chromium Sun: Hi guys, thank you for this interview. It’s nice to have you in Chromium Sun!

Andreas Mozer: Hey Antonis, thank you for having us in Chromium Sun! And Γεια σας to all readers who are interested in our Band!


CS: So, the band exists from 2004, but with several name changes until we end up with Traitor in 2009. Tell us about.

AM: Gerd Hery (Guitars) and I (Andreas Mozer – Drums, Vocals) started in 2004 with playing Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath Covers. Not good, but we did! After a while we decided to find some more people to start a band. So we ended up as PREMATURE BURIAL and played our first shows and made our first demos. At 2009 and some staff changes, we decided to change the name to TRAITOR, because we wanted to focus on Old School Thrash Metal only.


Traitor3CS: After a demo release, you decided to release a live album, something that we used to see in the early days of Thrash Metal, but not anymore. How do you decide to do that?

AM: We had and still have this romantic kind of nostalgia for the 80´s and the early days of Thrash Metal. So, like our heroes did, we must record a Live Demo.


CS: In that live album, you have 3 covers: Slayer, Metallica and Tankard. Can you say that those bands are your mainly influences, or are there more?

AM: I think every one of us has his own influences, but at this time our main influence was Kreator, Sodom, Tankard, Exumer, Violent Force and all the other German Thrash Legends of the 80´s. But without Slayer, maybe Gerd and myself never started to have a Thrash Metal Band.


CS: And then, another demo (at 2010) and after that, your first full length album “Thrash Command” in 2012! In that demo you included, more or less, the most of your demo songs. How was the feeling to have your first album out?

AM: At that time, we were not thinking of recording a professional album or something like that. Vagelis Maranis had contact to Lorenz Kandolf (Bass) (or to Gerd I´m not sure) and asked if we would not like to record an album with him. So the whole story started. We wrote some new songs and made some improvements to the older songs and recorded THRASH COMMAND. The feeling to have our first album out was awesome!


CS: How people received your debut album and how your fans? Did you expect that?

AM: Definitely not! We liked our songs and our music but we never thought, that so many people would like it. The reactions were fantastic and it was unbelievable for us.


CS: After that, you had a split album with Torment Tool and Total Annihilation. How this came? Are those bands friends and decide to do something together?

AM: Torment Tool is a band from the same state like we are from, and we played some shows together. Total Annihilation is a band from Switzerland. We all had our first album out and we wanted to do something together. So we decided to release a Split album.


Traitor-VenomizerCS: Then, your second album “Venomizer” came out last year (13th of November, 2015 if I am not wrong). This album, (as I heard) established your name in the Thrash Metal fans in Germany and the rest of Europe. So, tell us what must someone expect before hear “Venomizer”?

AM: After we released THRASH COMMAND, our second guitarist Robin Mauser decided to left the band. So we had to find a new guitarist. We found Matthias Koch and he, unlike the rest of the band ;-), is a real musician. He came with a load of new stuff, improvements and with professionality. We recorded the album together with Vagelis Maranis, who also produced the album again, at Maranis Studio and released it on November 13th, 2015.

You must expect Old School Teutonic Thrash Metal with contemporary sound and a mid-level neck-pain after you´ve listened to it! 😉


CS: How was this time the reaction of the crowd? You was already known to people, but how did they react with the “Venomizer”?

AM: The reactions were even better than they were on Thrash Command. I was a little bit afraid that the new influences will be disliked but I was wrong! Again unbelievable!


CS: Are there any plans of a tour for Traitor?

AM: We are about to plan a little Tour but all four of us are having their jobs. So it is very difficult to find enough time for something you can really call “tour”.


Traitor2CS: Germany has a huge underground thrash metal scene. Except your band, who else you would advise to a thrash metal fan to listen?

AM: My personal favorites are DIVISION SPEED, TORMENT TOOL, BITTERNESS, NUCLEAR WARFARE and if you like Old-School Power-/Speed-Metal, check out STORMHUNTER, a band from our town!


CS: Thank you once again for this interview. It was a great honor to speak with you. So, the last sentence is yours to tell anything you want to our readers. Cheers!

AM: It was an honor for me, getting the request for this interview! To all readers who love Thrash Metal and are interested in our music or even support our music: ευχαριστώ πολύ!