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Saturday 01/14/17, the day of great’s Zak Wylde birthday, lord of the punch Carl Weathers (for the fans, Apollo Creed), and even one or two millions of our fellow human beings in the world, was the presentation of the new album of RUSTX. I will not tell you or analyze their new material (coming from Jey Key…), but I will write you a live report for the night. Enjoy.

So Saturday at Theo’s Rocka rolla, the live was scheduled for 10pm. The guys started almost on time (all of us has the right for an academic quarter) and the venue was full of people. Besides RUSTX, welcomed us and wished us to have fun a guy with beard like Lemmy’s, who says he had a party there (I did not eat cake, so I didn’t believe him 🙂 ).

From the very first song appeared the disposal of both the band and the croud. Panayiotis with his guitar was a cannon and he shoot at will ( “Fire at will“, get it?), preparing us for their own separate heavy metal, a magical musical journey. George the bassist undertook the vocals for their second composition (“Frontier Heroes“), with his raucous voice reminds whom else? Lemmy of course. On the third song, John (the drummer of the family) and Katerina (keyboards) entered, since they both lead the vocals for the track “Journey arrives“.

To avoid gab (below you will find detailed their set list), our guys played their new album, all perfectly and as needed, an amalgam of heavy metal, stylish and fun. Moreover, we heard and remakes of “Is not talking about love” (Van Halen), “Ask the lonely” (Journey), “Suffer” (Stepson), and their not-so-old earlier compositions from their last EP, “Destiny Riders” ( “Destiny Riders“, “Evagoras“, “Revolution X“). They finished with the acoustic song “Xeros (Never Forget)“, whose name refers us to the homonymous river and respective village in the area of ​​Morphou, motivation and promise of RUSTX that it never forgotten.

It may seem trivial, but I will simply write it only because it corresponds to my own reality. The guys have amazing stage presence, incredible energy and of course, an undeniable great chemistry together. They performed all the songs perfectly, it was fun, and we enjoyed ourselves. Switching between the voice of Xanthos brothers has already uploaded level not that before was inferior, but now is something unique and we like it brutally. Their timbre reached their measures supporting their playing. Guitar riffs, bass lines, drums and keyboards, all in harmony both in their live, and in their latest songs, which will detect and prevent those who got their cd (Run guys!).

Finally, I want to write a few words about the sound. Bravo to Moutafis, very good job. It was as it should, when needed, and where needed. Bravo and to Theo for the general configuration of the venue to host metal bands. Cheers!

That’s it 🙂

Set list:

  1. Fire at will
  2. Frontier Heroes
  3. Journey Arrives
  4. Ain’t talking about love (Van Halen)
  5. Evagoras
  6. Revolution X
  7. Destiny Riders
  8. Ask the lonely (Journey)
  9. T.P.M.
  10. Brothers and sisters
  11. Too late
  12. Kalikantzari
  13. Treason
  14. Suffer (Stepson)
  15. Dreams of Tomorrow
  16. Xeros (Never Forget)

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