On Wednesday, we were fortunate to enjoy in Savino Rock Bar, the Egyptian composer Nader Sadek, along with Derek Roddy (Serpents Rise, ex Hate Eternal, Nile), Destructhor (ex Morbid Angel, Zyklon, Myrkskog), Ben Claus (Gorod) and Mahmud Gecekusu (Perversion). Nader, became known through his collaboration with Sun O))) and Mayhem. Although it was Wednesday, enough people gathered early on in the venue. The doors opened around 9 and Vomitile go up on stage at around 9.45.



At 9.50, then (surprise, surprise), began the night with Vomitile. It’s was a long time since I saw them live and I was looking forward to their appearance. I think that is one of the best bands currently in Cyprus and obviously I think not only me, since in any live people gather from early on in the area to support them. Actually, it is very difficult to describe the appearance of they guys after and anything I will say it will be not enough! The riffs were storming, the shredding break necks, the drums and vocals, more impressive than ever. On the setlist, was the most classic cover of “Dead Skin Mask” (does not moan!) and my favorite “Bastardocracy“. Also, we heard a new track, “Pestilation“, which will be included in the new album and make us to look forward to its release !!! Good job!




  1. NeKropound

4.Morbid Holocaust 

5.Stabbed, Shot And Bludgeoned

6.Born To Kill


8.Dead skin Mask (Slayer Cover)


10.Project Mayhem  

  1. R.P.G



Around 11, took the stage Nader Sadek with their supergroup! The appearance in Savino was the first, as part of their tour, which will take about one month. The live was scheduled for Wednesday because of drum clinic by Derek Roddy held Tuesday in Nicosia. The typical theatricality of Nader and the creation of mystical and dark atmosphere, not missing from this’ live, after many dry branches and bushes were from one end of the stage to the other, smoke and of course not the mask of Nader lacked.

Going to the scene, Nader said in Greek “Cyprus Hello! Thank you “and the crowd burst into an applause. After 3 songs, we had a drum solo from Derek (sop to us that we did not go in drum clinic) .The black-ish / death appearance however, was not enough to quite revolutionized the world, since very few were in front scene and even fewer did headbanging. However, it was a great gig, which I think was full and in terms of stage presence, but also in terms of music, since only Derek could move the earth beneath our feet! Impeccably riffs, brutally heavy pieces, chilling interpretation of Nader and atmosphere as heavy as was the bass Ben!

Apart from the old songs of Nader Sadek, like “Petrophilia“, we heard a new track, “Ghost Cries“. Heavy and unbearable, it is a “summary” part. That is, all data will exist in the next work of Nader, a song almost 4 or 5 minutes.


  1. Nigredo In Necromance
  2. Sulffer
  3. Petrophilia
  4. Drum solo
  5. Descent
  6. Entropy
  7. Carrion
  8. Deformation
  9. Ghost Cries
  10. Nigredo In Necromance


Overall it was a pretty good night, and the sound in Savino had no particular problem. We hope to have more lives like this .. but with more people. And headbanging. And mosh.


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