Harmonize celebrates their 5 years of existance with a live performance in Rocka Rolla Wizards,Nicosia on Friday 2 of December. Chromium Sun was there!

A lot of crowd was expecting the youngsters, which they came on the scene with a lot of energy.

Starting with an intro and continuing with “Warrior in the Night”, Harmonize showed kind different since the last time that I saw them, mostly because of the their new singer, Johnny Kalogrides who seems to have a big “repertoire”, changing his voice whenever was needed, reaching even harsh levels.





Ακολούθησε το “Die for Metal” των Manowar και στη συνέχεια ο Γιάννης κατέβηκε από τη σκηνή, για να αναλάβει τα φωνητικά ο μπασίστας των Harmonize, ο Αρσένης Αγησιλάου για το “Angel” των Priest και το “Dance of Death” των Maiden.

We saw this on their song, which was released about 2 years ago, “Astonishing End” and the following “Watching over me” cover on Iced Earth. Next we heard a Manowar cover on “Die for Metal” and afterwards, Johnny came down from the scene, to take over the microphone the bassist of the band, Αrsenis Agisilaou for Priest‘s “Angel” and Maiden‘s “Dance of Death”.

At the venue was two Harmonize‘s ex members, so George Constantinou called them to come on the scene and play with them the “Spirit of Times” (Sons of Liberty). They were Οrion Τsartsalis (bass) and Stelios Polydorou (drums). AC/DC‘s “TNT” came up next.

The today members get their places again for “Diamonds and Rust”, “Angel take my Soul” and “Never Back Down”. Iced Earth‘s “Burning Times” came next.

Harmonize closed their appearance with “Tonight” and Pantera‘s “Walk”.

The new line up of Harmonize is showing very energetic. Now they must first of all be stable and second to start producing (as they already have start). The guys has anything is needed to go on, plus the experience of Harrys Peratikas (Armageddon). We are waiting their next move!

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