After some time, we were able to see Hardraw live, along with Kolluzion and Stonus. The doors at Exantas, was scheduled to open around 21:30 and the live would start a little later. However, the first band, Kolluzion, started playing at 22:40 and the crowd did not exceed 30-40 people.

Unfortunately, it was another live where the audience supported their “friends” of them and then left. I will not bother to comment more this phenomenon, is simply unfair for the bands that sacrifice their time from their daily routine to prepare and present something good and quality to the public and do not receive even a little respect from the scene.



With almost an hour late, opened the night the young thrashers from Nicosia. With their own songs, but also covers, had a decent appearance, given that missing one guitarist but also because of problems in sound, especially on drums. The guys had a very good show, showing the good preparation they did before the live, but small problems that obviously did not come from the band, slightly reduced their appearance, from audio side. Except that, their setlist performed flawlessly and with a guitar less, is a plus for the guys, as they demonstrated professionalism and dedication to what they do. We expect more!


  1. No Mercy
  2. Paranoia
  3. Riot
  4. I Fail
  5. Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)
  6. Aerials (System Of A Down)
  7. Slave New World
  8. Ζειμπέικο της Ευδοκίας metal cover
  9. Through the fire



Next on the scene was Stonus. The crowd, this time barely exceeded 60 people and the technical problems was not missing either from this appearance. The sound was somewhat improved after the third song, when they changed the disc on drums. It was an excellent performance by the guys, with more consistency in the choice of their tracks, since they look (and are) much more “mature” than the last time I saw them (two years ago). The only thing that “bothered” or even something that would be more good to be done, it would appear first as Stonus onwards Kolluzion, because Kolluzion are more “close” to Hardraw, as to the kind of music they play. Nevertheless, we enjoyed a very good look at their own songs and covers.


  1. Green Machine
  2. Improvisation
  3. Hel
  4. Coming In
  5. Save me
  6. Seven Nation Army
  7. Vultures
  8. Black Rainbow



And the time for the headliners was come. It was shortly after one o’clock and most people had left. Those were, however, gathered forward to support the band. The sound was much better, compared with the previous two bands, although in the third track, the guitar had a problem, which tried to correct. During this time, we enjoyed a little drum solo from Evaggelos. Also, in the position of Konstantinos, at the bass, assumed Adamos (ex – RUST), who seemed worthy replacement. Besides old favorite songs like “Strike ’em Down”, we heard a new track, “The Abyss Of Mankind”. Very powerful song, which raised the bar high in terms of what we expect to hear from them in the future Hardraw. The world was slowly becoming fewer, but those who stayed, showed their love and devotion to Hardraw. Another wonderful performance from the band, as they are used to us!


  1. Samson’s Revenge
  2. Crowded Silence
  3. Strike ‘em Down
  4. Revenge
  5. Night of the Wolf
  6. The Path
  7. The one with the wolves
  8. The abyss of mankind
  9. Life in still water (cover)
  10. Crimson Lake
  11. Heavy Metal Union
  12. Lucifer’s Hammer (cover)
  13. Axe Attack/Nights Dark Figures

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