Our author Philios Malekkidis had a short friendly chat with Nikos Siglidis of The Silent Rage discussed several things with the central axis the 1st album of Greek power metallers.

CS: Hey Nick.

NS:Hello to you too Filios

CS: First I would like you to tell us a few words of who The Silent Rage are.

NS: The Silent Rage exists from 2006, counting 10 years of life. In these 10 years they managed to release two EPS: 2009’s self-titled “The Silent Rage” and 2011’s “Harvester of Souls”, where was it that brought us closer to Cyprus, playing with Heathendom and Mortem Atra in Limassol. After that our only movement is “The Deadliest Scourge” released on July 1 by Alone Records. Another important thing for The Silent Rage is that opened the scene for bands that we are respected as fans and eventually shared the stage with them, including Shadow Gallery, Rage, Grave Digger, Stratovarius and Rotting Christ so far.

CS: First I want to talk a bit about your inspiration for your music and lyrics? The economic and social crisis we are experiencing all of us, influenced the band musically or lyrically?

NS: The topics vary depending on the track, but let’s start with your second question, music would not say it affects our judgment and all that is around us but lyrically for example at The Deadliest Sourge if you read the lyrics of “Prosylitize of the Masses” and “Beetween Harmony and Sorrow” will be seen to be essentially based on what is out there. There are songs that are influenced by films such as “My Race wont Last” and there are others that are influenced by video games. The music is mainly written by me, the stimuli are too many, I can say that it is a modern power metal timbre.

CS: Ten years of existence until the first release, was appropriate?

NS: No not at all necessary, I personally wanted it much earlier but circumstances did not allow it to come sooner. The album marked a new page in the course of the band, a very hard decade with a lot of work and it can find anyone listening to the first EP until the Deadliest Sourge will find that the band has worked too much to make its own sound, hear that the band is evolving, not stagnant.

CS: Describe us a bit of how did you work on the album.

NS: The Vampire from Nazareth came and stayed in Athens to make a pun and drank our blood. When we decided to work with Fotis (Benardo) we were absolutely convinced that he is the most appropriate, upon hearing our songs advised too, there were tracks that helped much in their structure, normally worked as a producer and not a producer within the meaning of “I press the buttons and record”. He wanted and I feel that he managed to bring everyone to the limits and get the best of us. As for the cover of the creator of our logo, Rainer Kalwitz said there was a disciple who can fully capture what we wanted and that was Michał Karcz who has fully capture the title in image just illustrates the deadly scourge there specifically around us with so many people who have gone this year.

CS: Besides the excellent work that you have done and Fotis and the cover we said before noticing that the team of The Deadliest Sourge is much greater, tell us little about the entries to disk.

NS: In the album are 4 guests, who with their contribution were able to give a very special character to the songs involved. Theophilos Kritikos who is the consecutive first displayed is the one who wrote the intro, “Signal of War”, listening to the intro to the next song “My Race wont Last” anyone can understand why the intro is located on the album. Second in order of appearance is a very good friend of mine Apollo Papathanasio (Spiritual Beggards, ex-Firewind) in “Sin of a Pilgrim” where we wanted to have a participation in the vocals and Apollo with great joy and terrible professionalism in a short time made fantastic job and really with Steve have harmoniously tie and is probably one of the best duos I’ve heard. The other two participants are on the track “Shadow Spirit” which we did not want to be a simple folkish piece and thought about what equipment to put to make it more special, the godfather of oriental metal, Yossi Sassi (Solo, ex-Orphaned Land) plays oud and Vladimir Reshetnikov which knowing the play as a fan and Arkona playing Galician bagpipes and Sopilka, tied up and 2 so harmoniously that I thanked him for the initiative he took and did. These two entries have managed to unite the East and the mysticism of the West of the Celts.

the-silent-rage-the-deadliest-scourgeCS: In what phase we find The Silent Rage this period, there are plans to promote the album? Maybe see you in Cyprus again after your first time here in 2012?

NS: Currently only rehearsing and looking together to see what we do with concerts from February onwards, because The Silent Rage is a band that plays lives and especially with the album must and will support as much as possible. There are thoughts for lives in Greece and abroad and meant Cyprus is always one of our options, we had a very good 2012.

CS: And now the question of one million, what your thoughts for the Cyprus metal scene? The experience you have and what you probably have heard.

NS: The music scene in Cyprus is rising too, has pulled great bands and I not only talk about the classics Armageddon, Arrayan Path, but for example, Blynd is in my opinion the leading figure in extreme sound on the island. Beyond that there are very good upcoming bands such as R.U.S.T.X., Memoriam and many names I can not remember now. Throughout this to lift the Cyprus scene should take off his hat to a man who said Phoebus Papadopoulos, who for me is the connecting link of Europe and the rest of the world via the Pitch Black with Cyprus. Phoebus, thank you for the knowledge I pass on with regard to the Cyprus metal scene.

CS: Have you done thoughts for a next release?

NS: No and it wont reckon to come before the end of 2018. As I said before the aim is to promote this album as much as possible and then we will see more serious for the 2nd.

CS: If in the band you asked each other for the future you will have a specific answer to give us?

NS: With full awareness I will tell you that I do not know. The only plan that there are disk circulation, promotion, composition and next album.

the-silent-rageCS: Finally, in a single word tell us why should someone hear the album?

NS: I would say freshness. Is power metal of 2016, is a classic power metal, you can hear structures and riffs from classic power metal but the whole approach is purely 2016. Modern production, more bulky, the timbre and use our clean and growl vocals points. Whoever heard the disc can understand that they all have their place, are all the more measured could be.

CS: Thank you for the interview, good luck and hope to see you soon in Cyprus! The last sentence is yours to say anything you want to Chromium Sun’s friends.

NS: I thank you Filios for the continued support and ofcourse Chromium Sun. My message for our friends in Cyprus is supporting what is there, listen to our album and wait for us on the island soon.

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