Ferium from Israel will visit Cyprus for a live performance along our bands Blynd, Saint Judas and Memoriam and the Bulgarians Urban Grey. Antonis of Chromium Sun took the chance to contact the band and learn interesting information for you! Enjoy the interview:

CS: Greetings guys, welcome to Chromium Sun!

Ferium: Hola!

CS: First of all, I want you to introduce your band to the Cyprus metalheads.

Ferium: Ferium is a 5 piece Metal band from Israel, we have had the dream to be musicians ever since we were teenagers growing up watching the biggest bands on earth go around the world.
Ferium are:
Tiran Ezra – Vocals
Elram Boxer – Guitars/Vocals
Guy Goldenberg – Guitars
Yoni Biton – Bass
Ron Amar – Drums
We come from a very demanding place when it comes to being a Metal band, although Israel has it’s amazing sides of community and brotherhood and a faithful following, living in a political & financial cesspool, distracts the people from the art that this place produces, we all have our day jobs to pay for getting out on at least 2 tours a year, our own recording studio & rehearsal room, and the motivation to create music, and lots of it, to put it in a definition, we are an Independent band.

CS: Your latest album (which is your second full length release), is out from April. Tell us about “Behind the Black Eyes” and what differences you think that it has from the “Reflections” album.

Ferium: “Behind The Black Eyes” conceptually picks up where “Reflections” left off… And goes into micro details. Musically, it punches heavier, stronger and harder in a dark and massive atmosphere.

CS: As I am observing the title songs, I am sure that they have very interesting lyrics. Can you tell us about?

Ferium: “Behind The Black Eyes” conceptually picks up where “Reflections” left off. It brings the story of a man’s relationship – its ups and downs, the good and the bad, and the image being portrayed by gut-wrenching and goosebump-inducing lyrical work. This album is certainly an evolution to the band’s sound, where other bands today hold back on their aggression, we do the exact opposite and back up the album’s real approach to relationships with honest brutality.

CS: Ferium’s music is described as Death Metal/Metalcore. Do you believe that this label is describing correctly Ferium’s music?

Ferium: We feel that Ferium will always be somewhat old school oriented…We write the music we write from the bottom of our souls, the creative minds behind Ferium have experienced deceit, unfaithfulness, heartbreak, betrayal, pain, loss, and all of these things create a sonic & lyrical portrayal of aggressiveness & frustration in an effort to solve all of life’s struggles, and to turn them into positive and empowering experiences. Labeling everything is nice… But sometimes, you just need to listen.

CS: You shared the stage with great bands since now, like Megadeth, Betzefer, Jinjer etc. Now you are going out of Israel for a live performance in Cyprus. What are your expectations from Cyprus crowd?



CS: Describe us how is the metal scene of Israel today.

Ferium: Its a small scene, that has A LOT of bands! And some really good ones, like The Fading, Betzefer, Shiran, Shiver, Sinnery, Shredhead… To just name a few. And we are lucky enough to have promoters, like Progstage, that gets tons of acts from abroad!

CS: What do you know about our scene in Cyprus? Any band (except Blynd obviously) that has got your attention?

Ferium: We actually never heard of any acts coming from Cyprus, the Blynd guys are really good and we’re sure that there is great potential waiting to be discovered

CS: Thank you for this interview guys. I’m looking forward to see you in Cyprus. Until then, you can give your message to the Cypriot metal fans.

Ferium: Cool guys thanks a lot see you there !

(Special thanks to Sharon Shapira for the photographs)

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