I’m following War Device from the beginning with the 2013’s EP “The Anger“. It is a thrash metal band from Serres, Greece who had caused our excitement with their debut album “Whispers of Soul“. Today they come with their second attempt, “Infinite Chaos” released by Soman Records.

War Device plays old-school thrash metal, but there is a difference that makes them stand out from the “mass” of the bands that have pop the recent years worldwide. Instead of simply copying their influences, they try (with a great success) to spend their influences through their own “filter” and present an album with soul and macho!

So, “Infinite Chaos” include 10 tracks, with a total duration of about 34 minutes, with the last one (“Another Reality“) instrumental. One of the most positive aspects regarding their debut, is that the guys have technically improved a lot. Despite the speed guitar riffs, you will hear and enough melody. Manos (Triantafyllou) and Sotiris doing incredible work both in riffs and solos, just as it should for a thrash metal album.

In the band there are changes to the line up compared to the debut album. On the bass has come John and has seamlessly tie in these almost two years, which he is in the band with the drummer Manos (Moutaftsis) creating a solid sound. The second change is the addition of the singer Mario Dogwar who has a rough voice and excellent pronunciation, adding even more points in the album.

My favorite tracks are “Within the Violence” which the band made videoclip, the first song “Life in Order“, the “Seek No Justice” and “Chains of Madness“.

Really War Device in every movement creates more and more surprise by their effort!

WAR DEVICE – Infinite Chaos
8.5 Reviewer
Old-school thrash, voice, riffs, rhythm section
Really War Device in every movement creates more and more surprise by their effort!

1. Life in Order
2. Taken by Fear
3. Void of Perception
4. Seek No Justice
5. Within the Violence
6. Chains of Madness
7. Feel the Power
8. Silent Pain
9. Divine Hell
10. Another Reality

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