I am following Aherusia since their first steps with the amazing 1999’s demo that included the cover of Necromantia‘s “Ancient Pride“, but also their trademark song “Archangels” in an early performance .

Today, the Folk / Black Metal band from Greece, released their third completed album titled “Prometheus: Seven Principles of How to be Invincible“. The first thing anyone will notice on the album is the complete lack of any instrument other than the classics (guitar, bass, drums), something they used to have in their previous albums, like the lyre in the “Archangels” for example.

But this by no means is negative for the album. “Prometheus” is the most mature work the band released so far and in its eight tracks are bringing you into the music of Aherusia. The combination of Greek traditional music with the Greek black metal works very well.

Aherusia in “Prometheus” relies on the atmosphere that creates each piece individually, but also the entire album on its own. So do not expect to hear extreme outbursts, as these are very few. If you want to look for the influences you will find them in the old days of the Greek black metal scene, in Iron Maiden (undoubtedly) and in the traditional Greek music.

And one last thing, the opening song of the album, “Anasa,” after the first listening, makes you believe that it surrounds the whole atmosphere you will hear in the album. This is difficult to achieve …!

AHERUSIA – Prometheus: Seven Principles of How to be Invincible
8.5 Reviewer
Very interesting combination of Greek traditional music with Greek black metal.
"Prometheus" is the most mature work the band released so far

1. Ανάσα ‘Ανασσα – Anasa
2. Ανάβασις – Ascending: Martyrdom’s Crown
3. ‘Ασκι Κατάσκη – As Light Defeats the Darkness
4. Ἀνώνυμος – Anonymous
5. Δαμάζων Χάη – Taming Chaos
6. Προφητεία – A Prophecy
7. Ὠκεανός – Ocean
8. Βίας kαί κράτους θραύσας δεσμά – Breaking the Chains of Atrocity


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