Winds of Mayhem


Black metal musical project from Paphos, Cyprus. Although isn’t a great band for lot’s of people, WOM’s purpose is to bring in the black metal scene something unique on it’s sound and style. WOM is an acronym from “Winds of Mayhem ” a song by Bathory.


WOM - Sardonic Path of ExistenceSardonic Path of Existence” Demo
Release Date: 2012

1. Intro (Winds of Chaos)
2. Black Notes of Will
3. Wisdom of Hell
4. Demon Call
5. Sardonic Path of Existence
6. Blasphemer
7. Ritual of War
8. A Symbol of Purification
9. Outro (Endless Fall)





WOM-Northern SonsNorthern Sons
Release Date: 2013

1. Asgard (Intro)
2. First of the Battles
3. A Viking Foray
4. Hammer
5. Northern Sons
6. For a Fallen Brother
7. Odin’s Word
8. Ragnarok (part I)
9. Neverendin Sorrow Under the Bleeding Storm
10. Ragnarok (part II)
11. Of Raven and Crows (Outro)





WOM-Poems of an Empty SoulPoems of an Empty Soul” EP
Release Date: 2014

1. Introduction
2. Eternal Terror
3. Old Cold Blood
4. Eternal Roads
5. Into Darkness







WOM-WWWW” Split with Whispersorrow
Release Date: 2015

1. Whispersorrow – Staying Alive Among the Blind
2. Whispersorrow – I’m So Happy
3. Whispersorrow – The Last Battle for the Eternal Throne
4. Whispersorrow – With All of My Senses
5. WOM – Chamber of Melancholy
6. WOM – Descending Towards Inexistence
7. WOM – In Lack of Portret
8. WOM – Solitude Eternal






WOM-Summoning the Black MoonSummoning the Black Moon” EP
Release Date: 2015

1. When an Illusion Murders
2. Summoning the Black Moon
3. As Eternity Cries
4. Night’s Possesion








WOM-From Abyss, Thy WrathFrom Abyss, Thy Wrath
Release Date: 2016

1. The Tomb
2. Sunlight Theater
3. Forest’s Perdition
4. Beneath the Light, Her Hearse
5. Tempest of Fire
6. An Infant of Abyss
7. Twilight’s Chant
8. Darkness, Thy Beauty