Formed in 2007 in Nicosia,Cyprus and influenced by the status of society and people’s own personal struggle, STORMCAST sought to write music to express themselves and create something that defines them.

STORMCAST present a blend of various metal genres while often giving off an atmospheric/melodic black metal vibe. After being signed by PITCH BLACK RECORDS in 2014, the band released their first full length album entitled ‘Frame of Mind’ in the later part of the year. The album received excellent reviews and response from metal related press such as The Metal Observer (8/10) and AngryMetalGuy (4/5), while also received Cypriot Metal Album of 2014 award from the readers of Cypriot metal e-magazine, Chromium Sun.

The band started out by playing cover songs mostly inspired by bands such as Rotting Christ, Moonspell and Hypocrisy while also experimenting with forming their own sound through writing their own material. By 2009 the band released their first 4-track demo entitled ‘Scorched Earth’, which earned the band a considerable following in the Cypriot Metal community. Since then, the band has performed with well known acts such as Sabaton (during their show in Cyprus as part of their European tour in 2012), as well as Rotting Christ, Stratovarius and Nightstalker. The biggest live success for the band came in 2013 where they performed at MetalDays festival 2013 in Slovenia as winners of a competition held by the festival. The band performed next to bands such as Meshuggah, InFlames and King Diamond, while also being rated as one of the Top 10 bands of the entire festival by U.S Metal webzine ‘Eternal Terror’.


Scorched Earth” Demo
Release Date: 2009

Stormcast - Scorched EarthTracks:
01: A Storm That Killed the Masses
02: Scorched Earth
03: Sound of Thunder
04: Withdrawn






Promo 2012
Release Date: 2012

Stormcast - Promo 2012Tracks:
01: Of Flesh and Stone
02: Wishful Bliss
03: Withdrawn








Frame of Mind
Release Date: 2014

Stormcast - Frame of MindTracks:
01: The Executioner
02: Wishful Bliss
03: New World Order
04: Of Flesh and Stone
05: Withdrawn
06: In Entropy
07: Immune
08: Dysthymia