«Through the Graves of Silenced Dreams» Demo
Release Date: 2002

Obsequies - Through the Graves of Silenced DreamsTracks:
01: Entering the Necropolis
02: Through the Graves of Silenced Dreams
03: Sepulchral Oath
04: The Flesh Is My Coffin
05: To the Spirits (That Haunt Me)
06: My Beloved the Shadow
07: Destined to Suffer
08: Necromancy
09: Erebus Approaching




«A Paroxysm of Hate» Demo
Release Date: 2003

Obsequies - A Paroxysm of HateTracks:
01: A Paroxysm of Hate
02: Dead Among the Dead
03: The Dead Wear Masks
04: Phobos Anikate Mahan