Armageddon Rev.16:16


ARMAGEDDON Rev 16:16 is the longest active Cypriot Metal band with a continuous live presence since 1984. Their first name was “Heavy Duty”, and back then played cover songs. In 1985, the band was renamed “Armageddon” and in 27/28 Feb 1987 opened the concert for Spitfire, (a legendary Greek band, that toured with Saxon).
The band recorded its first demo (1987) with the songs: “Raiders of Steel”, “Return of the King”, “Armageddon” (instrumental) and “Striking Back”. Less than a year afterwards, a second demo with 8 tracks, (4 older songs, that after being performed live and having matured, were re- arranged, and recorded again): “Raiders of Steel”, “Return of the King”, “Rocking the Universe”, “Judgment Day”, “To the Unknown” (speed version), “E.K. Seventeen”, “Striking Back” and “Armageddon” (instrumental) .

Their first attempt in discography was a vinyl EP in 1991 with All Records. The EP was loved by the rock and metal music fans and established Armageddon as one of the best groups of this style in Cyprus and not only. A simple search with the keywords “Armageddon Rev” in Google, gives results of pages that sell the first EP as a limited numbered CD (remastered on CD in 2003 by the Greek magazine True Metal) (UNISOUND RECORDS). An interesting piece of information, is that it was given free of charge with the magazine as a collector’s re-issue in Greece, but is sold by foreign sites and not Greek. The vinyl is considered a rare, $500 a piece and a collector’s, item !
“ARMAGEDDON – Rev. 16:16 CD MEGA RARE $500+ EP from the island of Cyprus that KICKS-ASS! The opening track “Raiders of Steel” is a MASTERPIECE!!! You will never see this on vinyl because only 500 copies were released and they have all disappeared in private collections forever. ”

In 1997, the band records a new song “Times of Frustration” for the collection “Blood Brothers, a compilation of recordings by rock bands in Cyprus” released by Laughing Stock Disks.

In 1998 “Spoils of Conflict”, a mini album CD is released by City Records. It moves in a more, somewhat progressive style, and is more mature and balanced, with 6 new tracks, along with a new version of “To the Unknown” that has formed into an epic ballad and “Times of Frustration” from the collection Blood Brothers with a new arrangement. Track list included: “Oblivion”, “Last Mile”, “Times of Frustration”, “Passage to Hades”, “Beyond’ and “To the Unknown”. The song “Last mile” was filmed for a video clip and played by all Cyprus TV channels but also by Mad TV in Greece and the popular at the time rock program Jammin of the Greek National TV. (ERT 3). “Spoils of Conflict” played on radio stations around the world (Europe, Argentina, Australia e.t.c.). Magazines such as “Metal Hammer”, “Rock Power”, “Metal Invader”, “True metal”, wrote articles with positive reviews for the band.

The band performed live almost everywhere in Cyprus, in pubs, clubs, festivals, town halls and at other events, as well as on television programs and concerts. They have played in concerts with Spitfire, Rotting Christ, Nightingale, Antimatter (ex Anathema members) Nightfall, Siva Six, but also with Greek rock groups like Magic de Spell, Nikos Portokaloglou, and other acts.

They also participated in the festival “Hysteria 99″ in Bourgas, Bulgaria and during the bombardment of NATO in Serbia, they participated in the huge anti-war concert that took place in the center of Belgrade in 1999.

In the summer of 2005, Armageddon appeared at Exit Fest ‘05 on the Metal Hammer stage, along with bands like Slayer, Napalm Death, Diecast, Apocalyptica, Sick of it All, Garbage, Deadsoil and many others.

In the 1st Internet Heavy Metal Eurovision Contest, they were chosen by the organizers to participate as a contestant for Cyprus with the song “Last Mile” and was placed 2nd behind Pretty Maids from Denmark.
Armageddon Rev16:16 opened for Sepultura in 2007 and also for the legendary Uriah Heep and Mnemic in 2013 ! In 2014 participated in POTN festival with legendary Manila Road!
” Sundown on Humanity” a full album signed with Pitch Black Records was released in March 2014.”Heartless Soul ” a second full album signed with Steel Gallery records was released November 16th 2015
The band participated in Excalibur festival Thessaloniki ,Greece on the 28th of February and opened for the legendary Heir Apparent.


Demo I
Release Date: 1987

Armageddon Demo I01: Raiders of Steel
02: Return of the King
03: Armageddon (instrumental)
04: Striking Back











Demo II
Release Date: 1988

Armageddon Demo ITracks:
01: Raiders of Steel
02: Return of the King
03: Rocking the Universe
04: Judgment Day
05: To the Unknown (speed version)
06: E.K. Seventeen
07: Striking Back
08: Armageddon (instrumental)











Rev. 16:16
Release Date: 1991

Armageddon - Rev. 16:16Tracks:
01: Raiders of Steel
02: Judgement’s Day
03: The Colours Bleed to One
04: Rockin’ the Universe











Spoils of Conflict
Release Date: 1999

Armageddon - Spoils of ConflictTracks:
01: Oblivion
02: Last Mile
03: Times of Frustration
04: Passage to Hades
05: Beyond
06: To the Unknown












Sundown on Humanity
Release Date: 2014

ARMAGEDDON REV 16.16 - Sundown on HumanityTracks:
01: E.K. 40 (Intro)
02: Human Sundown
03: Shades of Tomorrow
04: Strange Dreams
05: Fallen Angels and Lost Souls
06: Hypocrites of Destruction
07: New Day Will Come
08: 13-Seventh Eleven
09: Why
10: Heavy Metal
11: United
12: Icy Blackness (Kursk)











Heartless Soul
Release Date: 2015

Armageddon - heartless soulTracks:
01: Apollon Mousagetes
02: Armageddon
03: Figment of Imagination
04: Ac-Nos
05: Choices of Life
06: Delusions of Grandeur
07: Heartless Soul
08: Accursed Destiny
09: Eternal Spirit
10: Barcelona/Divine Madness






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