Music and the metal scene more generally, has been on a constant evolutionary course for a long time. Absolute|Z| is the amalgamation of this era’s progressive metal with the aggression that death/deathcore is providing and the groove that progressive music offers. The name Absolute|Z| is a mathematical term (and perfectly suited for a Djent band). Absolute is the maximum amount a value can have, symbolised by the two ” || “. The letter Z was chosen because in the latin alphabet, Z is the last letter. combined together they give you Absolute|Z|-in a way :the very end-


Subterfuge / Vindication” Demo
Release Date: 2012

Absolute ZTracks:
01: Subterfuge
02: Vindication








Madonna of the Rocks
Release Date: 2012

Absolute Z-Madona on the RocksTracks:
01: |Z| (Instrumental Intro)
02: Subterfuge
03: Equalibrium
04: Madonna of the Rocks
05: Vindication
06: Tempus Edax Rerum (TDOT)
07: Decay of Humanity
08: Everlasting Conflict