Something is happening in Serres, Greece, which is keeping a continuous flow of good records from various bands springing up in the city of Macedonia!

This time comes Kemerov, a four-member band that plays a Death n ‘Roll inspired by bands like Entombed, Cathedral and Turbonegro. The “FMKD” is their first completed work and it seems that we are going to deal several times with those guys in the near future.

Beginning the review of the album, I should mention that this type (Death n ‘Roll) despite the fact that like in many people because it mixes different species under it’s umbrella, however it can be a “trap” for bands that are not handle well their influences. But Kemerov (thankfully) are not face such a problem. Right the opposite…

Kemerov beyond their clever ideas, they are passing on their music the fun caused by their Death n’ Roll, which will cause you to headbanging both on their fast times, and on their slower ones, but nevertheless they will dare to ‘marry’ even fuzzy moments (see the bass in “Plague of Nations“).

Special mention should be made to the samples of films that are used to some intros or even in the middle of some tracks, bringing to mind Necrophagia.

The only negative that can find someone on the album, maybe is on the production, but it is certainly a matter of taste. I, for example, would preferred a more dirtiness to reach levels eg of the (Gods) Dismember and the (Divine) “Massive Killing Capacity“!

7.2 / 10 Reviewer
Catchy Death n' Roll
Kemerov properly handle their influences and released a lot of fun Death n 'Roll album!

1. New Order
2. TV-bred
3. Docile Sheep
4. Slay Your Son
5. Species
6. Plague of Nations
7. The Better Man
8. Murdered in the Steppe
9. Gargoyle Keep
10. Sane
11. FMKD